It is never too late to start dancing!  Tir na nOg, in Irish Mythology, is the Land of Eternal Youth.  Dancing is the for everyone and when we dance we stay young!


Beginning with basics moves, adult dancers quickly jump into group dances in the class.  Soon you’ll move as if all dancers are one, with grace and ease.

You will feel exhilarating joy because of your accomplishments on the dance floor.

You will also have the opportunity to grow and challenge your dancing on an individual level.  You will build upon the basics movements used in the group dances to wow your friends and family with fancy footwork and rhythms.

Dancing is addictive, once you stop you won’t want to stop.  You’ll find yourself in your kitchen, or even the grocery isle, moving your feet with a smile on your face!

“I love the challenge of the solo steps.”

Anne-Marie Boom, adult dancer

“I love the laughter in our class as we dance as a group!” 

Sarah  Comfort, adult dancer

One Program designed specifically for YOU!

Adult dancing:  Group dancing and dancing individually

A beautiful floor designed specifically for dancing safetly

Small Class Sizes

Individual Progression

Celtic Instrumental Music

Dancing as a Group

Community events

Free Class T-shirt

8 months ~~ November - June

Giving you value and variety throughout your dance journey!


Once you enrol, we will get in touch with you as soon as we can to say ‘hello.’  Then, we’ll take you on an email tour of some studio aspects to help you get more acquainted before the first class. 

We’ll have your shirt ready for your first class, or if you’d like to pick them up before day 1, let us know by email and we can meet you early!

Spreading the love of Irish Dance and all it brings is a great gift that we love to share with others.

Commitment is the Tool to Success!!

Imagine what you can accomplish in 8 months.  During this time you’ll first learn, and then be confident, in group dancing which makes you ready for ceili’s (ceilidh’s) across Canada and beyond.  Additionally you’ll grow your individual level of dancing with hard shoe beats and rhythms and soft shoe lifts and kicks.

Skips and Tips  Adults

8 monthly tuition payments

November – June


Registration Fee $49


Tir na nOg studio is located in the heart of Kentville, conviently near shops and cafe’s, a walking trail, and Minar’s Marsh.  326 Main street is only 5 minutes off exit 14 from Hwy 101.

At the studio you will have the benefits of:

  • Beautiful, world class sprung floor, toped with Marley specifically designed for Irish Dancers. 
  • Large mirrors as a tool to help with corrections. 
  • A sink for hand washing and water bottle filling.
  • And more…
Come, Start Skipping!

Not quite sure?  Would you like to speak with someone? 

Our friendly team would love to help you with your questions!

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