Dancers here feel safe and loved in a positive environment. Through teamwork and small classes, they become like family, encouraging each other to be their very best! Confidence soars as achievements are made and dancers earn personal progression and feel great gratification.

Dancers never not want to come to class. They count the number of sleeps ’til they are in the studio again!

Find your

perfect Class

ages 3-5

Your child will jump for JOY and beam with excitement for every class!  They will count the days  until each class comes around again.

Dancers will learn body control, timing and rhythm, balance, technique, and steps through carefully crafted routines, games, and songs.

Program is one 45min class/week

Program includes dance shirt and socks for class, and skirt for shows. 

Dance shoes are required in addition

ages 5-7

They won’t be able to stop moving their feet!

While developing the skills for Irish Dance, your childs confidence will bloom.  At Tir na nOg, dancers are challenged, encouraged and praised, in a nurturing, loving, positive environment. 

From very early on, your dancer will have many opportunities to make use of their new skills and qualities they have developed.

Program is one class/week

Program includes dance shirt and socks for class, and dress rental for shows. 

Dance shoes are required in addition.

Beginner and up,
ages 8+

Your dancer will appreciate setting goals and achieving them!  Through magical, memorable moments, dancers are enriched with more than just dance as they can tangibly see the stepping stones of progression.

Each of these stepping stones for progress are made out of dedication, positive persistence, commitment, strength, and determination.  Each new achievement is celebrated, bringing pure joy.

These are lessons and values that will last and eternity.

Program is two classes/week for Beginner and Advanced Beginner.

Program is three classes/week for more advanced levels.

Program includes dance shirt and socks for class, and dress rental for those that need one.  There are some special added bonuses for those with a solo dress.

Dance shoes are required in addition.


“Tir na nOg is my second home, my second family.”

Kenzie Melanson, dancer of 10 years.

Easy Ways for Parents to Help Dancers

All parents can bring their child to class and encourage them to have fun and remind them to practice at home…however some parents want to do more!

Here are three things you can do to help even without knowing anything about Irish Dance!!

Tell them, “I love to watch you dance!”

Give your dancer access to music!  Tir na nOg provides a card with information on it about where to get music.

Provide a positive, dedicated space in your home for practice.

Get them to stand randomly and work on turning their toes out to the side but not past their knees.  When thought of it this way they turn their whole leg, from the hip, and it is safe.  They can do this while simply brushing their teeth.

Ask them to skip through the house and remind them to cross their knees.  This can be done when you need something from the other room or they are on their way to the toilet.


Bonus:  While reading books or having screen time, dancers can stretch.

Happy Practising.

Meet the Team at Tir na nOg!

Niamh Webster T.C.R.G.  Owner/Director

Three years after I started dance, I was aiding beginner dancers in their first steps. Just a couple years later, I stood on the podium for the Eastern Canadian Championships. I was lucky to have qualified for the World and National Championships two and four times respectively. When I was 20, I turned down a major touring Irish Dance Show in order to pursue teaching.  I was the youngest teacher in North America at the time.

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My name is Niamh Webster, you pronounce my name, Neeve. I grew up in a small village in Ontario and I am the third child of seven. I love that I have been surrounded by children and watching them grow, all my life! Three years after my youngest brother was born, my sister started having children. She had five. Shortly after, my husband Andy and I started our family, we have four lovely children. I come from a long line of conventional teachers on both sides of the family and always wanted to teach. Through teaching and coaching dancers, I am lucky to be able to watch so many children grow up into young adults!

Tir na nOg was officially established in 2000 when I successfully acquired the teachers’ qualification, T.C.R.G., in Ireland, through An Coimisiun Le Rince Gaelacha. I have now witnessed thousands of children, with love and affection, come to class with some interest and, through Tir na nOg, inherit a great love for dance. It is a delight to engage with them as they put effort into their footwork and earn great achievements!

Tir na nOg Super Star Coaches

Our team of coaches at Tir na nOg are true Superstars!! They are enthusiastic and genuinely excited about growing our community of Irish dance. Each of our coaches have achieved success on different levels and occasions in their own dancing and know the dedication it takes to improve individual skills and talents.

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They are beaming with contagious excitement as they aid in setting goals for dancers, watch the achievements be made and celebrating the success.

They are ready and willing to answer questions with confidence and joy. They are excited about their holistic knowledge of why, how, and what is important in regards growing the skills of an Irish Dancer!

Our team consists of dancers in our coaching program, by invitation only, that begins when a dancer is in grade nine.

Where it all Happens

Located in Kentville’s iconic Main Street Station, Tir na nOg resides in a new, purpose built studio with many exciting and beneficial features such as:

Sprung floor and Wall Mirrors in Main Dance area

Plumbed in water station for hydration and hand washing

Climate controlled, air filtration system

Bright and inspiring decor

Second dance area can transform to an inviting Lobby

Lots of easy parking

Hand sanitation stations

Changeroom on site and washrooms in building

Wide array of amenities within walking distance such as cafes, library and shops.