Tir na nOg Studio is at 326 Main st. Kentville.

What To Expect For Your Beginner

Your child will be able to dance a wee step, with excitement and precision, after just one class. As your dancer continues, they will shine as they accomplish skipping and dancing on time to music. Within the first year, your child will progress so much that they will be confident to dance at shows and they will earn hard shoes, the shoes we use that make the tapping sound!

Your dancer will feel great as they point their toe every single time they begin to dance. A lifetime love for dance and excellence in themselves has taken great root.

5 Reasons why Parents choose Tir na nOg.

1. Certified instructor and director heads the amazing coaching team that meets regularly for consistent development and connection.

2. Safe, welcoming, community environment for dancers to be in and journey with to be the best dancer they can be.

3. Clear steps of progression for dancers to know their goals and feel their accomplishments.

4. No explicit lyrics in the music.

5. Modesty: In our amazing colour costumes and in our style of dance.

“A vibrant community of dancers where their teacher and families come together to foster healthy relationships.” 

Kelly Dolan, parent.

Enjoy our 30 Day Guarantee

If after the first month, four consecutive weeks, of class you find that this just isn’t the right fit for you, you will not be committed for the rest of the year.  No questions asked! More details about this at time of registration.

After 30 days we are happy to know our dancers are committed to dancing for the remainder of the year ending at the Annual Curtain’s Call Recital Showcase on the 3rd Saturday in June.

Beginner Irish Dance Class!

This January Ages 5+

Monday        Thursday       Saturday

Let’s find your perfect class.

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Dancing is MY Cheer

Speeding through the door,
Slipping on my shoes.
Warming up my legs,
Folding back my arms.
High kicks

Walking out the door,
My smile
Extra big,
My frustration
Extra small.

       ~ Anonymous, 2021

One of our dancers wrote this poem filled with joy.  It really expresses how she feels about Irish dancing, and what it is to her. 

Thank you so much for allowing us to share this on our website.

What Parents are Saying